One of the questions we get asked:
“How dark is ‘Privacy’ Glass?”
Our Privacy Glass has a tint of approximately 80% Dark Grey, although it looks dark from the outside the vehicle,
the visibility from the inside is not that compromised looking out, –

Basically its like looking out with your Sunglasses on !


All our Privacy Glass is a dyed glass not a film

After Market Windows

Specifically Designed Bonded Van Windows
The bonded van windows we use are specifically designed to fit Panel Vans and although are not OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture)
there is a good reason for this. In the case of Volkwagen for example,the vehicle variants that have windows fitted as a factory option i.e. the Caravelle or Combi
versions of the T5 Transporter, the internal window aperture is a different shape to that of the Panel Van.

The internal black banding of the OEM windows is incorrectly placed to suit the Panel Van aperture and the Opening Windows won’t actually fit in the correct position.

We have modified the Black Screen printed band so this is correct.

All our windows are manufactured to the highest standards and offer quality and value for money.

Types of Windows We Can Supply

Here at Leisure Vehicle Windows we can supply various different types of Bonded Van Windows

Fixed Non Opening
Fixed Pane that doesn’t open

Top Sliding Window

TOP SLIDER is a window with a small opening section at the top, these are ideal if you just need a little ventilation without the risk of a lot of ‘weather’ coming in, for example whist cooking or if you want to park the van up with the window left open as the opening is too small to access the vehicle.

Half Sliding Window

HALF-SLIDER is a window where the opening section encompasses roughly half of the window area, useful where a lot of ventilation is required.

These Windows are available in OEM Green Glass or Privacy Dyed Glass


Recommended Reputable Companies For Window Fitting

Leisure Vehicle Windows have :

  • Static recommended reputable companies /  fitters around the UK
  • Mobile fitters in certain areas.
  • DIY Kits / Instructions also available
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