Fletner Rotating Vents

Rotating Vehicle Roof Vents

Wind powered rotary ventilators are a popular choice for a wide range of applications.    Van Roof Fent

Having the convenience of not requiring an external electrical power source they can be fitted to almost any stationary site where there is a breeze, or to any vehicle. Being wind powered they are much more effective than passive ventilators. 

Rotary ventilators comprise two principal active elements. The first is a wind scoop or ‘savonius’ rotor. This element catches the wind energy and efficiently converts it to rotational kinetic energy. The second element is a radial extractor fan. This element is turned by the rotor and draws air from the space below, expelling it outwards. 

From vans to buses, from ambulances to 4x4s and from fishing vessels to glider trailers the Fletner 2000 provides round the clock ventilation with no battery drainage

Fletner Van Roof Vent

Why buy a Fletner vent?

  • Less heat build up
  • Less condensation
  • No build up of dangerous fumes
  • Sealed bearings for trouble free service
  • Centrifugal ventilator driven by outside air speed
The Fletner 2000 -Simple, economical and effective.

Price – £77.95 + Carriage +VAT